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Robert Pugliese Jr.

Personal Blog
I am an Internet Entrepreneur and Bitcoin Investor.

I own several online Businesses along with my sister Amanda. I have been online since early 2002, but together since late 2012.

We are progressively building our Businesses to become Financially free in the next 3-5 years!

I know that you are looking for a Stable Online Income to either supplement or replace your full-time J.O.B. (Just Over Broke!) so feel free to message me on Facebook.

I have only just recently been Investing in CryptoCurrency, but it is definitively the wave of the future for world currencies!
Tommie Bengtsson

Sci-Fi interested. (Fantazy too)
I meditate sometimes...
Dan Walter

Personal Blog
Cartoonist. Internet Entrepreneur.
sherry goff

Personal Blog
mom of 2 grown kids,grandma to 4. im an affiliate marketer and run online businesses
Leonard Palmer

My name is Len Palmer.

I was born and raised in New York City!

In my early years I transitioned to Fort Lauderdale and Miami in my mid 20's.

I have been marketing online FULL-TIME since Y2K.

Before online marketing, I was a Guitar Player, Songwriter and Record Producer.

(old school vinyl recordings)

One of my first professional productions was...

"Let's Stay In Love"

Written By:
Leonard Palmer & Brother David Palmer

For The Artist SANDEE' of the vocal trio Expose'.

My brothers and I also produced early rap records before gangster rap. One of our rappers was Gigilo Tony.

"Smurf Rock"
By Rapper Gigilo Tony

Produced By The Palmer Brothers

I have been an entrepreneur most of my life because I always hated having to work a job. (It didn't feel natural to me in any way.)

I was a 6+ figure earner in my early years of online marketing and deceided to study metaphysics, the occult, spirituality & religion in 2008 just when the financial bottom fell out.

(I was curious why Gold was starting to go up so high. Thats when I fell in the rabbit hole.)

After many years of living on residuals, I decided to come back online and to my surprise online marketing totally changed.

So, here I am once again trying to make a mark for myself not just to make money online but to challenge myself to be the BEST I can be.

I just love online marketing and it's an honor to be amongst my fellow peers who feel the same way!!!

Great, Health, Wealth, Success, Prosperty and Abundance to you all.

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